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Seth Hunt Photography eGift Card FAQ

What's an eGift Card?

eGift cards function just like a traditional plastic gift card yet they are delivered electronically and stored on a phone or printed when redeeming.

Does Seth Hunt Photography eGift Card ever expire?

No, your egift card never expires.

If I don't use my Seth Hunt Photography eGift Card, are there any inactivity fees?

Absolutely not. The only way your egift card will decrease in value is when you redeem it.

Can I reload my eGift Card?

No, but you can always buy another egift card free of change.

What happens if I loose my egift card?

If the egift card has never been used the purchaser cansign into their account and resend the egift card. Alternatively, we can also resend the egift card to the recipients email address at any time. Contact us to get started.

What happens if someone uses my egift card without my consent?

Protect your egift card as if it were cash. Due to the nature of egift cards, we can not protect you against it's misuse. Identification is not required to redeem an egift card.

What do I do if I never received my gift card?

Seth Hunt Photography eGift Cards are delivered via email from the email address Be sure to double check your SPAM folder.

The purchaser can also verify check the email address for the egift card and resend it via email by visiting the order history within the your account.

How do I check the balance of my gift card?

To check your balance online, click here, by phone call 1-888-203-3332 or visit your local Seth Hunt Photography.

Can I use my egift card online?

No, Seth Hunt Photography does not currently sell goods online.

Can I return the Seth Hunt Photography eGift Card I purchased or received as a gift?

No, egift cards are not refundable.

Can I consolidate multiple egift cards to one egift card?

Not at this time. However, you may redeem multiple gift cards at one time.